What do I have to do when spilling water dye on clothes?

What do I have to do when spilling water dye on clothes?

Make sure to start cleaning your clothes right away. Just give the spot a good rinse under running hot water.
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    • Can you save leftover water dye?

      Water dye will stay good for at least 5 days at room temperature,21 to 27 degrees celcius. It will stay good longer than 10 weeks if stored in a refigerator.
    • Do I need flower food with my water dye?

      Yes , in flower food is put a bacteria killer , which help to keep the water clear. https://centimo.nl/product/postharvest-preservation-liquid-anti-bacteria/%E2%80%8B
    • How do they absorb water?

      Water crystals, pearls and cubes can absorb and retain extremely large amounts of water relative to its own mass. Water crystals absorb aqueous solutions through hydrogen bonding with water molecules.
    • What are water crystals used for?

      These poylmers are commonly used as water retaining agents for horticultural applications and disposable hygiene products. The crystals are also supplied as a decorative, water retaining product for use with household displays of cut flowers and ...
    • Can I use spray or dipping dye to color foliage ??

      Yes, it is used by many growers to dye foliage .